Two Face

No, not the other villain in The Dark Knight.  I was making a playlist (which will be posted soon) and I got to a certain song, which I realized was quite interesting.  It is “Apologize” by One Republic.  You know, the one Timbaland produced.  Well, the original version of the song, which most of you have never heard, is actually quite good.  It is simple, with strings, piano, excellent vocals, and a great beat.  I really like it, and it’s been on most of my recent playlists.  Where it gets interesting, is that the radio version, the one you all have heard, absolutely sucks.  I hate it.  Timbaland stripped away everything that was good about the song and replaced it with hip-hop crap.  I have a love/hate relationship with the same song.  I don’t know of any other song I can say that about.


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