So Lacey and I have been listening to U2’s new album, No Line on the Horizon, and I’ve been reminiscing about their music and how it’s run in and out of my life.  I really think the album is fantastic, in a number of ways, and I’ve already listened to it a good 10 times in less than a week.  My favorite track is Magnificent, an homage to their older stuff, with some new flavor thrown in.  They have also been getting more spiritual with their music lately, which I think is a good thing.  But one thought that keeps cropping up in my head is that no matter how much I like this new stuff, it doesn’t really get better than their two peak albums, Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby.  One, in particular, guides itself into my mind over and over.  I really think it might be my favorite song of all time.  It is so simple, and so brilliant, I told Lacey tonight that I can’t even sing along with it any more, for fear of ruining its perfection.  Even in concert, I stood in awe of the fantasm of the song.  We are hoping to see them on the new tour, in Chicago (though I am not optimistic), and if they don’t play One, I will be momentously sad.  But do yourself a favor and buy the new albu, because it really is excellent.


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