Movie Mania

I’ve really been on a roll recently of watching movies in my queue. I joined blockbuster total access, and I think that’s helped spur me on. Also, I’ve watched some really good movies, which has kept my interest up, especially lately.  What’s interesting is that I have to have a reason to watch movies.  In the past, it was just understood:  I watch a lot of movies.  And as much as I protested the fact that kids and family would completely change that, they really have.  That being said, I still enjoy taking in flicks, and I’ve really made an effort recently to see what’s out there.  Here’s a recap of the last few weeks:

1.Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist – decent, kind of ripped off Juno in terms of the feel of the movie.  Pretty good music, and I like Michael Cera.

2.Australia – I really wanted to love this movie, despite all the negativity I’ve heard about it.  Baz Luhrmann is an amazing director (Moulin Rouge), and I remained hopeful.  For the most part, I really liked it.  It was gorgeously filmed, great soundtrack, good acting.  I even let myself buy into the storyline…for the first 2 hours.  But Baz really overreached on this one.  There were some absolutely ridiculous scenes, and he tried to fit way too much into one movie.  I can’t recommend it, although I did enjoy it.

3.Changeling – If you have a weak stomach, especially for children, do NOT watch this movie.  That said, it was EXCELLENT.  Eastwood really outdid himself with the sets, and the photography.  I don’t like Angelina Jolie, but she was fine, and didn’t ruin the movie.  Brutal, and sad, but brilliant, is about all I can say.

4.Body of Lies – Enjoyable, you gotta love Leo, but forgettable.

5.In The Valley of Elah – Like Changeling, extremely sad.  But superb in its storytelling and performances, I really thought it was a great movie.

6.My Best Friend’s Girl – Don’t watch this.  Terrible.  I don’t think Dane Cook is physically able to be in a non-crass role/movie.

7.Cassandra’s Dream – Fantastic.  Utterly fantastic.  It’s a Woody Allen crime/moral drama and is superbly acted and shot and scored and written and everything else.  Seriously, I don’t even like Colin Farrell and he was brilliant.

8.Vicky Christina Barcelona – Eh.  It was ok.  Another Woody Allen, I just wasn’t that impressed, especially with Penelope Cruz who stole an Oscar for like 5 scenes of dialogue.

9.Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead – Similar to Cassandra’s Dream, not nearly as good.  I thought it was going to be better, and I was pretty disappointed, especially considering its cast.

10.Pride and Glory – Another cop drama in the vein of We Own the Night, this one was pretty depressing, and not as good.  I pray that the police force isn’t as corrupt as they show you in the movie, or we are all in serious trouble.

11.The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – Long title, long movie.  Too long.  Brad Pitt was excellent (big surprise), and I would say that this meandered for the first half, and then picked up steam and became quite good.  I can see why people would think this movie strange, but I quite liked it in the end.  I was hoping for better, though, and I can see what the director was shooting for, but didn’t achieve.

12.Eagle Eye – Popcorn flick, but a lot of fun.  I really like whats-his-name.

13.You Don’t Mess with the Zohan – I laughed a little, and enjoyed it in parts.  Not very good though.

14.Prince Caspian (Narnia) – Eh.  Some of the CG was pretty cool, and Reepicheep was hilarious.  I’m not very into the Narnia films like I was the books (or used to be, at least).

15.Zack and Miri – Hilarious.  Please do not watch this movie though, you know who you are.


9 Responses to “Movie Mania”

  1. lacey Says:

    So, there you have it….this is where my husbands been for the past month;-)

  2. timmyjimi Says:

    That’s probably more movies than I watch in a year.

  3. jmmelton Says:

    Tim, five years ago I might have been surprised, but as much as you travel (along with living in Norway), I’d be surprised if you watched half that many in a year.

  4. timmyjimi Says:

    Yeah, here in Norway we still spend most of our free time raiding and pillaging.

  5. jmmelton Says:

    That makes me laugh. You know that’s not what I meant, though. When I lived in Scotland for 5 months, it was much harder to see a new release in the theaters, or even rent a movie, than it is here. Plus, I imagine that you’d rather be doing other things in such a cool place. Then again, I lived in Scotland 10 years ago, so I’m pretty much just talking out of my ass.

  6. timmyjimi Says:

    That’s an unwelcome visual metaphor, Josh. But yes, the closest theater is 45 minutes away, although I have made it there for two showings this season, including Australia, which I enjoyed. My neighbors have a sizable library of DVDs, but we still only get around to one or two a month. Have you ever watched Into the Wild? It’s far and away my favorite movie.

  7. jmmelton Says:

    Just imagine Jim Carrey, and it will be a whole lot funnier.

    I haven’t seen that movie, although it has been in my queue. I have been wanting to see it for a long time now, but for some reason it always gets shoved behind a movie or two. I’ve heard good things, and I’ll definitely get around to it.

  8. timmyjimi Says:

    Jim Carrey talking out of your ass is much better. Thanks.

  9. jmmelton Says:

    Hahaha. Any time, man.

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