Lost is the best show on television.  There, I said it.  It’s not necessarily my favorite (Entourage garners that distinction), or the best of all time (24, no question,  if you separate sitcoms (Seinfeld) from drama/1-hour shows).  But right now, at this moment, Lost is the best there is.  I got to thinking about it because I found myself feeling a little bummed out that there isn’t a new one on tonight.  If they’re not going to start new episodes until January, then they really need to follow 24’s model of not taking a break until the season finale.  Harumph.  Anyway, let me just clue you in to why it’s so groundbreakingly awesome.  First of all, the cast.  It is massive.  There isn’t another show I can think of that juggles so many story arcs, and you still makes you feel close to each and every main character.  That’s why there is so much tension when they kill one of them off – and the amazing thing is, you miss them! I still find myself wishing Charlie would show up every now and then.  The second reason is the obvious one:  the mysteries.  This is a reason some people don’t watch the show, or get upset, because whenever a question is answered, five more pop up in its place.  But the fact that they leave some of this stuff up in the air makes it even that more cool.  I love the whole vibe of the show, that they don’t feel the need to explain EVERYTHING to you, it reminds me of the Bible.  Which brings me to my last point (but by no means the only point remaining) of why Lost rules TV-land:  the metaphoric nature of the show.  Right now is the best time to be a Christian and a Lost fan at the same time.  They have really set up brilliant parallels between the Scriptures and the show.  Light vs. Dark, Satan vs. Christ, it is really brilliant.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There are too many literary references to count, which makes me think that the writers are very talented, in addition to being well-versed in their craft.  And you don’t find that much any more.  So if you don’t watch Lost, do yourself a favor and at least rent Season 1, Disc 1.  You’ll be hooked, I swear.

-On a side note, I didn’t mention one other reason the show is so amazing, because it seemed pretty obvious:  the structure.  Flash-forwards and Flash-backwards really encourage a love for the characters and allow you to get a back story that meshes extremely well with the present tense events.  Brilliant.


2 Responses to “Lost”

  1. Josh Mc Says:

    We clearly don’t share a taste in television shows. I watched the first couple seasons of LOST and was all into it, but then missed a few weeks’ worth of episodes and found out that I really didn’t miss it at all. Maybe someday I’ll go back and watch the DVD’s, but I’m not feeling the urge. It’s rare for me to find a tv series that I want to go back and catch up on, but there are a couple.

    Have you recently watched any tv series on dvd that you had not previously seen?

  2. jmmelton Says:

    You, sir, are gay.

    Seriously, though, let me answer your question. TV on DVD is more of an addiction for my wife and I, unfortunately. It’s how we have picked up almost all our shows. Lost, we started after the first season on DVD. Same thing with Chuck (another of our favorites). Grey’s Anatomy, we started after the first two seasons (although we have since dropped it), which is also true of 24, one of my favorite shows of all time. We rarely start new shows when they premiere, we wait until we hear it’s good, then we rent it during the summer and pick it up later.

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