Role Models

Unfortunately, my expectations were quite high for this movie.  Everyone I talked to said it was absolutely hilarious, one of the funniest movies they had seen in a while.  I was expecting great things.  And yeah, I did laugh a good bit.  But it certainly wasn’t an instant classic or anything.  I love Paul Rudd.  In fact, I’ve loved him ever since Friends.  He has had some fantastic roles (I think of Anchorman and Knocked Up, especially) and will consistently steal most scenes he’s in.  And he was just fine in it.  I also really like Stifler, and he was just fine as well.  But nothing leaped out to me as extremely funny.  I certainly can’t recommend the unrated version, so beware.  But it was entertaining enough, and I enjoyed it.  I was still laughing about a couple of lines a few hours later.  But overall, I was a bit disappointed.  Best line:  “You white, you Ben Affleck!”


2 Responses to “Role Models”

  1. Jess Says:

    Ok, so how bad is the unrated version, really?? We have the blu ray and plan on watching it tonight. I don’t particularly want to subject myself to a bunch of filth. What did Lacey think?

  2. jmmelton Says:

    If you handled Step Brothers, you should be fine. Mostly, it’s just cussing. Two girls take their tops off, that’s about it. Lacey can speak for herself, though.

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