I’m a sucker for anything Superman.  He’s far and away my favorite superhero.  Some people will try to tell you he’s too perfect, but they’re just deluded and can’t dig deeper into the psyche of the mythos.  Superman is destined to be alone.  Anyone that gets close to him gets hurt.  He’s forced  to spurn intimacy, even in his secret identity.  He has to take risks and do things on a daily basis that no  other superhero comes close to.  All that to say, I have really loved Smallville since it premiered over eight years ago.  It has definitely had some ups and downs, some excellent seasons, and some not-so-great.  But this season (with just a couple of exceptions – the Lana crap comes to mind) has been superb thus far.  Really, great writing, decent acting, excellent storylines, and some cool action.  It is starting to peak right at the right time, just as Clark is beginning to realize that a secret identity is going to be required, and it’s time to be a hero.  Superman is starting to emerge, and I’m loving Smallville more than ever.


One Response to “Smallville”

  1. jamesbradfordpate Says:

    To be honest, the only episode I’ve liked from this season is the one where the people from the far future come back in time and treat Clark as a major historical figure. But that may be because I missed the first episode, so I’m unclear who that lady is running the Daily Planet, or how Zod’s son (I think) knows Chloe.

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