The Office vs. 30 Rock

As much as I love Scrubs, these are the two funniest shows on television right now.  For a while now, I’ve kind of been ranking them week to week on facebook.  I definitely prefer The Office, and I’ve been watching it longer, but I have to admit, 30 Rock has been consistently funnier the last couple of seasons.  I really don’t want to like 30 Rock (Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey are EXTREMELY liberal, almost repugnantly so), but it is hilarious pretty much week in week out.  I think my favorite character though, hands down, is Tracy Morgan’s.  I can’t tell you how many of his quotes I think about or use on a daily basis.  All that to say, I’m coming out with today’s ranking of last night’s shows:

The Office:  0

30 Rock:  0

I didn’t think either was particularly funny last night, although I laughed some, and thought there were some good moments.  I fear that both sitcoms are becoming more plot-driven and relying less on good writing.  They are drawing on our love of the characters, instead of putting them in genuinely funny situations, with witty dialogue.  We’ll see.


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