March Madness

My favorite four days of the year are finally here.  I’m using a bit of hyperbole, but it definitely used to be that way from High School through college.  There is more college basketball being played the next four days than at any other time of the year, and the fun part is that every game is an elimination game.  Upsets reign supreme, and the underdogs become everyone’s favorite.  It’s a great time to be a basketball fan.  I remember begging our teachers to turn on the games at 12:30.  And now I’M the teacher, and I can do as I please (sort of).  Unfortunately, we don’t have CBS here at my new school, so I can’t watch Butler beat LSU this afternoon (hopefully).  But I fully expect to gorge myself on college basketball this weekend.  I’ll be rushing home from school today to watch Purde pound Northern Iowa.  I’ll stay up into the wee hours of the morning Friday and Saturday to watch the late games.  I have vivid memories of watching TV in the DePauw commons witnessing Princeton stun UCLA at 1 AM.  Or Ball State take UNLV to the wire when the Runnin’ Rebs were unbeatable.  It just doesn’t get much better than this for a sports fan.  And that point was drummed home last night, especially.  Joel and I got cheap tickets for a Pacers game, so we went to Conseco Fieldhouse, a great place to watch a basketball game, to watch them play the Trailblazers.  It was fun, as those things go, but watching it really made me realize why I prefer NCAA basketball to the pros by such a wide margin.  The pro players don’t scrap, don’t hustle, don’t put their heart and soul into every pass, every out of bounds play, every turnover.  Even the coaches are “too cool for school” and rarely argue foul calls, unless it’s the playoffs.  The fans are the same way.  Several times as the Pacers were getting pummeled, we narrowed the gap to a margin that could be overcome.  A college crowd would have been standing and shouting, but even I could hardly muster the energy to clap.  It was sad, but it also showed me just how amazing the college game is.  So turn on your TV’s to CBS this weekend:  you’ll be glad you did.


7 Responses to “March Madness”

  1. Jess Says:

    Go Boilers!

  2. Josh Mc Says:

    We’ll see if my predicted two big upsets happen tomorrow. Memphis game was exciting and my favored Wildcats are playing catch up with American (how gay is American Eagles for a college team name? i’m surprised the players aren’t wearing scarves), but I haven’t seen any real upsets yet.

  3. jmmelton Says:


    I laughed out loud at the scarf comment, but I was rooting for American. Bummer. I agree, no real upsets, but EVERYONE had VCU over UCLA, so that was kinda like an upset. I was rooting for UCLA because it was such a “sexy” pick to have VCU. My big upset is today (Friday) as well. We’ll see.

  4. Kriste Says:

    I loved March Madness in High School with you, Josh. You were always the one busting out the brackets and taking our money under the table! You were the best at ‘sweet talking’ the teachers into watching the games too.
    Thanks for the memory! It made me smile.

  5. Josh Mc Says:

    I picked UCLA over VCU, but my biggest upsets, which played today, were SFA over Syracuse and Cornell over Missouri. I know, LONGSHOTS, but gotta take risks in the pool and Miss and Syr i think are overrated and won’t advance far anyway. Poor upset picks though, in retrospect! The very minor upsets I got right today and that weren’t surprising were Arizona over Utah and USC over BC.

  6. jmmelton Says:

    Oh man, my bracket fell apart today. I did NOT see Arizona or Cleveland State coming, and I didn’t have Wisconsin either. My big upsets were West Virginia in the 2nd round and Utah State in the first (the latter was OH so close). Oh well, another year maybe. I did have USC over BC, but who didn’t?

  7. Josh Mc Says:

    Oh well, maybe next year I should base my bracket off of who I want to win instead of who I necessarily think will win. Example: pick my Wildcats to advance past the second round. I find myself cheering for the team that my bracket says will lose.

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