I Love You, Man

Thanks to Mom and Dad for watching both boys last night, Lacey and I got to go on an actual date!  Granted, we were gone for less than 3 hours, but still 🙂  Anyway, we saw the title of the post, and it was HILARIOUS.  Funniest movie I’ve seen in quite some time.  It had NOTHING to do with Judd Apatow, even though it had his boys in it, so it didn’t have the pizzazz and slickness of, say, Superbad or Knocked Up.  But it had a lot of genuinely funny moments, and was funny throughout.  Rudd was fantastic in it, and Jason Segel continues to impress comedically.  They probably could have edited it, and scored it a little better, but I’m can’t really complain.  Lacey really liked it too, so that’s a huge plus.  It’s definitely rated R though, so beware.  On a side note, Judd Apatow’s third movie as a writer/director (40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up) was previewed, and looks AWESOME.  It’s called Funny People, and has a host of superstars (Sandler, Rogan, Hill, Bana, etc.)…I really think that despite all the massive blockbusters being released this summer (Potter, Transformers, Wolverine, Terminator, etc.) it has a chance to be my movie of the year.  And that was just from one preview!


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