My Five

My top 5 bands haven’t had a lot of fluctuation over the past few years.  I listened to so much of these bands, it’s ridiculous.  The only real change has come at the top, and that recently.  These aren’t the five bands I think are the greatest in history or anything, just my favorites.

1.Radiohead – They recently unseated #2.  A combination of factors, really, in that I listened to so much DMB it got a little old, and the fact that they have put out more recently and I saw them live.  They’re an incredible band, no question.

2.The Dave Matthews Band – They were #1 for longer than I care to remember.  But Leroi died, they haven’t put out a “great” CD in quite a long time, and I just got tired of listening to the same albums over and over.  I still love ’em though, Dave’s got no equal.  New album out this year without Leroi, so the jury’s out.

3.Pearl Jam – Nothing compares to their first three albums.  I still maintain that they could have written songs at that level forever, but chose not to.  From what I hear, they still rip it up in studio, but Eddie takes them and produces the catchiness out of them.  These guys never really had the desire to be as big as they were, and like remaining as private as possible.  New album out this year, is supposed to be more like their older stuff, so we’ll see.

4.U2- This is Lacey’s fave.  They have been the “biggest” band in the world since the mid-80’s, which is saying something.  If you had to add up all the music I’ve listened to since I was born, U2 would  dominate, no doubt about it.  This was also the best concert I’ve ever been to, hands down.  In the end, I just prefer to listen to other stuff, most of the time, especially the top 3.  But it’s close.

5.Coldplay – This was the tough spot to pick.  I had a lot of bands that could have landed here, but ultimately, I had to go with who I’ve listened to the most of over the years.  I liked Red Hot Chili Peppers or David Gray for this spot, but they don’t have enough albums that I listen to regularly.  The Eagles and Led Zeppelin were old faves, but don’t make the cut much any more.  Amos Lee is rising toward the top, but is still too new.  Smashing Pumpkins were very very close, but their music is a bit hard for me any more.  Ten years ago, Counting Crows would have made the list, but they haven’t put out a great album in some time.  Several others crossed my mind, but none could stack up to Coldplay and the amount of hours (probably thousands) I’ve logged listening to their 4 albums.


2 Responses to “My Five”

  1. timmyjimi Says:

    Have you not seen DMB live? When is the new album supposed to come out?

  2. jmmelton Says:

    I’ve seen DMB live 4 times and Dave and Tim once. I’d like to go again, but I’d rather see Pearl Jam or U2, who put on better shows, in my opinion. Also, the wife isn’t as into Dave as I am, which makes a pretty big difference.
    The new album is due out June 2nd.

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