The Rocker

I watched this last night.  You probably missed it.  It stars Rainn Wilson (Dwight) as a drummer who gets kicked out of his own band and ends up being pretty much a loser until he gets a 2nd chance with his nephew’s band.  I had REALLY low expectations, but it ended up being pretty good!  Well, at least I thought so.  I quite enjoyed it, it was well-acted, funny, and had some moments of sincerity where it needed them.  It wasn’t a perfect movie, certainly, and didn’t have a lot to say, but as far as enjoyment goes, I had a great time watching it, and that has to account for something.  It was pretty clean, and had some great laughs, plus I love Dwight, er, Rainn Wilson, so that helped quite a bit.  I can honestly recommend this one, just don’t expect too much.


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