Must See TV

Remember when NBC used to rule the airwaves?  When they had good shows, and that unbeatable Thursday night lineup of Friends, Seinfeld and ER (which I hate)?  I’d like to think they’re getting back to that, but perhaps it’s a little premature at this point.  Which brings me to my weekly rankings of The Office and 30 Rock.  Unfortunately, I forgot to DVR The Office, and missed all but the last 8 minutes.  But I can say that 30 Rock was pretty dull this week.  After everything I said about it last week, they drop a stinker on us.  I guess it can’t be hilarious every time.  After all, it’s not Seinfeld.


2 Responses to “Must See TV”

  1. lacey Says:

    Yeah I watched 30 Rock this morning and I too thought it was kind of dull…However, the Liz Lemon commercial video was pretty funny and so was Kenneth, Donaghy and Tracy images of how they view the world in their minds. LOL…Tracy sees himself as everyone- so Tracy!

  2. James Pate Says:

    I find that nowadays ABC is the only network TV I watch. (The other times I’m living in the past with reruns on other channels). There’s Lost, and (coming soon) the Unusuals.

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