Our U2 Story

So this goes back a few years.  Let me start near the beginning – I saw U2 in Olympia, Washington on the Elevation tour.  They were on somewhat of a comeback, and had invented the heart-shaped stage.  Josh Gibbs and I got there early, and got REALLY close to the stage.  For that reason, among others, that stands as the greatest concert I’ve ever been to.  Fast forward to marrying Lacey – U2 is her favorite band, which has increased due to my introduction of some music she hadn’t heard.  She has been dying to see them live.  We tried in 2004, but tickets sold out in about a minute, and I couldn’t get any.  Fast forward to their new album and tour, which kicks off in Chicago in the fall.  Unfortunately, that’s as close as they’re getting and they were only going to do one show.  Tickets went on sale Monday morning, Lacey and I were BOTH online refreshing the webpage, and 65,000 tickets sold out instantaneously.  Lacey was crushed.  Again this happens??  Finally, a glimmer of hope.  Resale vendors offered tickets, the only problem was they were around a 300% mark-up.  However, U2 unveiled what we had only suspected:  they added another show!  EUREKA!  Needless to say, we will be attending U2’s September 13th concert at Soldier Field in Chicago.  Pretty good seats, too.  Lacey and I are so excited!  Awesome!


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