Quantum of Solace

We rewatched this over the weekend, and I was hoping that a second viewing would prove me right about this one.  I was mostly right.  The first 45 minutes or so weren’t as good as I remembered from the theater, and the opera scene was definitely better on the big screen.  Also, it kind of had a bang-bang ending, which was a bit abrupt and left some questions unanswered.  But despite these rather minor flaws, this was a fantastic Bond movie, and an excellent film.  I take issue with those who moan and groan about not enough gadgets, or Bond-ness, but if you realize that this is early Bond, and watch the movie, you’ll see that is just plain wrong.  I also reject the notion that the plot is weak.  Water is becoming more and more critical to the survival of many nations – and since when do people watch Bond movies for the plot?  Is this somehow worse than a giant laserbeam destroying the moon?  Sheesh.  The facts are clear:  Daniel Craig is an excellent Bond, Marc Forster’s direction has him dealing with serious personal issues, and it turns the Bond mythos on its ear.  Brilliant.


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