Looking Forward

I remember when I was nearing and in college, I would get really excited about this time of year.  As we approach May, we start getting into the meat of the Hollywood Blockbuster season – i.e. summer movies.  I would watch all the previews, and just salivate over all of the big-budget, action-packed fare coming my way.  As I got older, I looked forward to it less and less.  Eventually, I got to the point where I didn’t even care.  Well, like a pendulum, I’m swinging back to my former excitement a bit, for this summer.  There are several new releases coming down the pike, that have me pretty pumped up for the summer movie season.  But as excited as I am for these, it’s ironic that the movie that has me looking forward the most is one that doesn’t come out until NEXT summer.  Number 2 on the list is a comedy!  I find myself gravitating more toward thinkpieces and comedies as I get older, as opposed to the big action movies of my youth, but this year might be a bit different.  Here is a list of the most looked-forward-to movies of the coming spring/summer.

1.Inception – Summer 2010:  This is Christopher Nolan’s new one, and it stars Leo.  That’s about the best combo you could ask for.  (Honorable Mention goes to Avatar, which comes out next year and is James Cameron’s first movie since Titanic.  The f/x are supposedly so unbelievable you’ll want to cry and wet yourself at the same time.)

2.Funny People – The 3rd Judd Apatow-as-writer-director movie.  His first 2 were the funniest of the last 5 years and I expect nothing less from Sandler, Rogen, Bana, Hill, etc.

3.Inglorious Basterds – Tarantino’s next offering starring Brad Pitt and about WW II.  I said that #1 is the best combo…this one is awfully close.

4.Transformers 2 – The first was MIND-BLOWING with special f/x and I absolutely loved these as a kid.

4.Terminator:  Salvation – tied with the above because for probably 10 years Terminator 2 was my favorite movie ever made.  Christian Bale as John Connor?  Sick.

6.Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – it’s been a LONG time since the last HP and this book was fantastic.  The ending will have kids screaming.  I love it.

7.X-Men Origins:  Wolverine – Hugh Jackman looks crazy bowed-up and he was always my favorite character.  A lot of oldies show up, including Liev Schreiber (VERY underrated actor) as Sabretooth.

8.The Proposal – Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in a rom-com is another dream team.  Reynolds particularly is hilarious.

9.Star Trek – Takes the original characters as young men, which sounds ridiculous.  Can there be another Kirk besides Shatner?  But when you realize it’s J.J. Abrams, maybe it’s not so ridiculous.

10.Fast and Furious/G.I. Joe – Both of these make me laugh out loud.  The former has Vin Diesel back, who I love.  The latter is sheer joy from my youth.  Both should be a LOT of fun.


One Response to “Looking Forward”

  1. Josh Mc Says:

    I’m most looking forward to Terminator: Salvation and Star Trek. Star Trek actually looks cool.

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