Seven Pounds

I can definitely see why this didn’t do that well at the box office, as opposed to most Will Smith movies.  It was very slow and detached, and I felt that the emotions were very forced.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Lacey and I watched this last night, and while I usually like slow movies, she was the one who enjoyed this one.  I thought the craft behind the film was fine, but the performances were just ok.  And I like the Fresh Prince.  To me, the whole thing felt pushy.  I like the core statement of the film, that self-sacrifice is the ultimate goal, and in that way it had a very Gospel feel.  But the emotional attachment/pull to the story and to the characters was cheap.  The movie was much too choppy, and didn’t earn the tears it attempted to evoke.  I actually didn’t like this movie much at all, now that I sit down and write this.  Not only for the reasons I listed above, but to add a few more:  you figure it out 10 minutes into the movie, they rip off a bunch of things blatantly from the storytelling to the soundtrack (Garden State, anyone?), and I thought the love story was boring, and again:  forced.  Then again, it was fairly clean, and the heart of the story was good.  It just went about it all wrong.  But whatevs.


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