My Musical Tastes

Ever since I went out to Idaho, I have had about 4 favorite bands, and those have stayed pretty consistent over the past decade.  However, I continue to listen to many kinds of music.  I consider myself quite odd on that front.  I listen to pretty much everything except for country (which I hate), and I really like it all geniunely, backed up by the fact that I own close to 500 CD’s.  I don’t know why this is, why I like so many different kinds of music, but perhaps it’s related to why I like so many movies.  I enjoy most movies I watch, and although I have attempted to be more discriminating over the years, my tastes have pretty much stayed the same on both counts.  Let me give you a musical example.  While washing windows this past week (my spring break), I made several playlists on my ipod.  The first of these was the longest, and lasted me three days.  It started with AC/DC’s Touch Too Much, continued through Airborne, very similar, and then completely shifted gears to Boys II Men, which was a blast from the past.  I have no problem with that, even though it doesn’t make much sense as a transition.  I then progressed through some Coldplay, added a couple U2 songs to the mix (which made sense) but then went crazy and had some Van Halen (Panama), Gavin DeGraw (I Don’t Want to Be), Andrea Bocelli (Time to Say Goodbye), Radiohead (Just) and Metallica (Master of Puppets – from Symphony and Metallica).  I’m not sure why these popped into my head at the time, but it continued that way for another 2 days.  In stark contrast, the Sunday before that I had played Mozart’s Requiem on a Sunday afternoon, because it is my favorite classical piece ever written and I was in the mood.  Call me crazy, but where most see insanity, I see beautiful transitions.  It’s been that way for a long time, and I don’t see it changing any time soon.


One Response to “My Musical Tastes”

  1. Josh Mc Says:

    Have you heard Chris Cornell’s newest album, Scream? Interesting move to European dance pop.

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