New Music

I’m a weird guy.  I fully admit that, and my wife won’t tell you any differently.  One of the ways this weirdness manifests itself is that I own over 500 CD’s, I have over 9 thousand songs currently on my Ipod, and I STILL can’t find anything to listen to sometimes.  I’m a sucker for new music, I gotta keep it coming.  I’m like a junkie.  In this vein, Chuck had some GREAT music on the season finale, that I had never heard before.  Lacey and I looked it up the other night, and I found a band called Slow Club.  I downloaded 2 of their songs, but I can’t seem to find much from them, or any info.  Can anyone out there clue me into who they are, and what they’ve done?  I really like the stuff I’ve heard, but all Itunes has listed is like one EP and one single.  Amazon doesn’t really offer much to buy either.  So if y’all know anything, kindly leave a comment and share.


One Response to “New Music”

  1. Woelke Says:

    Hey Josh,

    Since you have so much music in iTunes, I’m curious: how well do you think Apple’s Genius works? I have been only slightly impressed, but I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have enough music for it to really do its job.

    For a recommendation, from a Collective Soul fan here, I’ve been enjoyed needtobreathe a good bit of late.

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