Old Becomes New

Pearl Jam re-released their breakthrough album, Ten, a few weeks back.  It was remastered, and they put a few extra tracks on there.  Being the PJ nut that I am, I of course bought the thing.  I listened to the album all the way through while washing windows the other day, and I realized that when I listen to what was probably the best album of the 90’s, it’s almost as if no time has passed since high school.  That music still sounds so fresh and rocks so good that I’m taken back in time.  From the first riff of Once, they hook you, keep your mind blown through the solos of Alive and Even Flow, and don’t let go until the last chord of Release.  And while I like ALL of their music since, some of it sticks with me more than anything off Ten (and I enjoy even their less-user-friendly more recent stuff), it’s a real shame they don’t write songs like that any more.


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