Well, it’s about freaking time, eh? I have been insanely busy from teaching like a mad man, to finding another job, to washing windows (mostly postponing due to all this ridiculous rain), to the big task:  finishing my teaching portfolio (oh, and the tiny little nuisance of having a family – ha!)  It’s this really long piece of crap I have to do for the state in order to move up to a five year teaching license.  I really procrastinated, which is my own fault, but I’m finally done with all 9 papers, 5 summaries, etc.!  So now I have the time and energy to blog again!  More posts to come soon, stay tuned.  Just wanted to let the 4 people who read this blog know that I’m back.


One Response to “WHEW!”

  1. James Pate Says:

    Welcome back!

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