Tomorrow night is the season, and most likely series, finale of Scrubs.  Over the years, I would have to say that Scrubs has been by far Lacey and I’s favorite sitcom.  24 has dominated the TV dramas, but Scrubs has had quite a run in the comedy department.  We own all 7 seasons on DVD, and have been watching it currently since 2006.  Our friends, Guido and Erin, really turned us on to the show, and we absolutely DEVOURED the DVD sets.  Since then, we’ve been avid Scrubs watchers, catching re-runs on Comedy Central, rewatching our DVD’s and of course watching current episodes.  We absolutely LOVE the show, and I can’t think of a sitcom that has been so endearing and so funny over the last decade.  The last couple of seasons have been a little down, due to the writer’s strike, and storylines focusing on the interns to set up a possible spin-off, but the last few episodes have been hilarious and have hearkened us back to the show’s heyday.  Tomorrow night will be the end of an era for Lacey and I, and it definitely makes me a little sad.  A small tidbit of trivia for you – the night before Noah was born, and even early the morning that Lacey went into labor, we were watching Scrubs season 4 on DVD.  I remember watching an entire season plus with Lisa, Jennifer and Mrs. Rockett when they visited for his birth.  Ahhh, memories.


One Response to “Scrubs”

  1. Matthew J. Yonke Says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize the end was coming so soon! Sad sad sad. Once Lost ends I think I’m just giving up TV entirely.

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