Random Music Musings

Some random stuff that went through my head this weekend while washing windows:

1.While my favorite Pearl Jam song is Alive, and I think their most commercially brilliant song is Better Man, their finest song might just be Off He Goes.

2.The most underrated guitarists on the planet are Mike McCready (PJ) and The Edge (U2).  I read recently from Bono that the only thing keeping The Edge from being recognized more as a great guitarist is his own humility.  I think that’s mostly true.

3.It is monumentally stupid that even though all new music comes out on Tuesdays, Green Day’s new one doesn’t drop until Friday.  What are they, too good for everyone?  Punks are the new snobs?  Lame.

4.IheartRadio and Pandora for the Iphone are my two favorite things in the world right now (besides the obvious, like, my sons and wife).

5.I put Justin Timberlake on my playlist and liked it.  What have I become?

6.I can never remember all of the crazy stuff that goes through my head when I’m listenting to music and washing windows.  It’s all great stuff for the blog, but ends up getting lost in neurons and dendrites.


One Response to “Random Music Musings”

  1. timmyjimi Says:

    1. I know far from all of Pearl Jam’s repertoire, but that song has always held a special place in my heart.

    2. I drove by the Edge’s neighborhood and Paul McGuinness’s estate yesterday.

    3. They are just waiting for me to get back to the States.

    4. Did you know services like Pandora are unavailable abroad?

    5. …

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