Lost: Season Finale

Anyone who knows me at ALL knows that I consider Seinfeld to be the greatest television show of all time.  That includes sitcoms and hour-long shows.  I think that the way they were able to tie each character’s situations together almost every episode was masterful and brilliant, and no show has ever been as smart.  However, if you want to separate sitcoms from dramas, which you probably should, then I think 24 is the best show to ever grace the airwaves.  Now, I’ll confess that my TV knowledge doesn’t start until the mid-90’s so anything before that I can’t speak intelligently on.  However, I know what I’ve heard, and I’ve never heard people who watched TV in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s talk this way about one particular show.  That being said, the best hour of television I’ve ever witnessed up until last night was the final episode of 24’s first season.  There were several moments in season 2 that rivaled it, but that last hour of season one was unbeatable…perhaps until now.  I’m still digesting everything that happened last night in Lost’s finale, so it could take a few days until the final judgement is in, but HO-LY CRAP.  I really don’t remember being on the edge of my seat, catching my breath like that EVER in a TV show, unless it was 24.  It was awesome story-telling, no question about it.  They melded stories, had great character interaction, built tension like nobody’s business, and released just enough to make your head spin.  I dreamt all night about the events that took place in last night’s finale.  All season long I’ve been very skeptical about the time travel angle that they’ve taken, and I still remain staunch about the fact that the writers have painted themselves into a corner with it, but there are now so many ways to paint themselves out, it is mind-blowing.  Up until now, probably my favorite Lost moment was the first flash-forward episode, but last night blew everything, including the brilliant pilot episode, out of the water.  It’s going to be a long eight months until the final (sob) season of the greatest show on television.


7 Responses to “Lost: Season Finale”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I was so glad that we had it DVRed. I went back and watched the first scene over again annnnnd I still don’t have a clue who that other man was that was talking to Jacob (even though Bart and I tossed around some theories around for about an hour) and what they were talking about. That scene alone has opened a whole new story line. It was a brilliant finale and I am sick that we have to wait till next year to see a new episode!!

  2. Vickie Orr Says:

    Thank you for not spoiling the episode for those of us who were unable to watch it last night. My self-control level is being tested until I am able to get together with my LOST friends to watch last night’s episode. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  3. James Pate Says:

    Some are calling Jacob’s adversary “Esau,” because Ben in Season 3 made his step-daughter’s boyfriend watch a brainwashing tape that said “Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated.”

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Yeah, the Jacob/Esau conflict was what we decided it will most likely be. I’m interested in seeing how they will paint Jacob the protagonist now, IF that’s the direction they’re going with it.

  5. jmmelton Says:

    This will be a reversal of the Biblical Jacob/Esau struggle, though, if that’s actually what the writers have in mind. This time, Esau was the one that disguised himself (as Locke), so we will have to see how it pans out. Also, does this mean Locke is truly dead? How much of Locke is Locke? And who is Isaac in this scenario? Aargh, so many questions!

  6. James Pate Says:

    Yeah, and if the dead do not rise on the island, what’s that do to the Christian Shepard sightings?

  7. Vickie Orr Says:

    Ok…I finally got to watch the finale on Friday and I must say “BRAVO”. It was fabulously done and it is going to hard to wait until February to see the final season. 😦
    The first scene definitely left some lingering questions and ones that I’m sure will lead to next seasons story line.

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