More TV

1.Word on the street is, they are going to renew Scrubs for a 9th season.  This comes because Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke just signed 6-episode deals to return and transition the show into its new format, whatever that might be.  The actors who play Turk, Dr. Cox and the Janitor are signed for all of next season, and it’s speculated that Judy Reyes (Carla) will also come back once it’s officially renewed.  I’m not so sure about this.  From the opening frame of season 1, this show has been all abou J.D.  Without he and Elliot, it’s not Scrubs.  If they want to do a full-scale spin-off, fine, but bring in new actors, only let the Scrubs stars do cameos, and give it a different name.  This whole hybrid thing reminds me of Chinese food.  Satisfying at the time, but goes through you really quick.  I would love to see another season of Scrubs, but not in this format.  But am I just whining about nothing?  I mean, we get 6 episodes of J.D. and the gang, shouldn’t I be grateful?  Sure, the season (series?) finale was a great ending, but it was all his fantasy.  That’s not exactly closure.  Wouldn’t it be fun to see if J.D. and Elliot actually make it?  I’m not so sure.

2.Smallville’s season finale was disappointing.  They really peaked in season 4 with Chloe’s death, and that whole story arc.  THAT was an amazing finale.  This one barely showed any Doomsday-Clark action, fizzled with Clark’s melodrama at the end, and left barely a cliffhanger to be found.  Zod?  Puh-lease.  They really under-utilized Erica Durance (Lois) this season, especially late in the season, after having some GREAT Clark/Lois moments early on.  The whole Lana subplot was tired.  After a great start to the season, and some promising moments, it was very underwhelming later on.  The Doomsday build-up was all bark and no bite.  Boo.

3.How about those Office and 30 Rock finales??!!  I thought they were both very funny, with some excellent moments.  Pam’s volleyball skills were totally fake (coming from a once-wannabe player), but looks like her pregnancy isn’t!  And could they have gotten MORE stars on 30 Rock?  From the Beastie Boys to Wyclef Jean, that was incredible!  I thought both shows ended with a bang, after fairly decent seasons.  They both have a ways to go to capture their pre-strike glory, but they’re on their way.

4.Our shows are coming to an end!  After Sunday’s Survivor finale, and Monday’s 24 finale, we will be done for the season.  While that is very sad, it also signals the beginning of summer, which is freaking awesome!  More movies, and less TV makes Josh a happy boy.  Oh, it also helps that I’ll be out of school.  Not only that, but I have Entourage to look forward to!  I definitely look forward to next season, but I don’t want it to get here too quickly, because it means I’ll be back to my real job.


One Response to “More TV”

  1. James Pate Says:

    I have the last two Smallvilles taped, but I haven’t watched them yet. It hasn’t compelled me like LOST.

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