Coldplay: A Review

I have seen quite a few bands live in my time.  Just off the top of my head:  DMB, Pearl Jam, U2, Smashing Pumpkins, Dashboard Confessional, Radiohead, The Steve Miller Band, Foreigner, Tenacious D, Amos Lee, Ben Harper, etc.  I have always told people that the best concert I have ever seen, bar none, was U2.  In fact, it’s not even close.  They blow EVERYONE away, including Pearl Jam in Seattle, where the crowd (and I) was super pumped.  Now, that is still true, no question about it.  In fact, if I had to rank my top 5 concerts, it would look like this:


2.Pearl Jam



5.The Dave Matthews Band

Yep, you read right, Coldplay has now taken over the #3 spot.  Last night, Lacey and I were able to sneak away with no kids (thanks to my parents) and see Coldplay in concert for our fifth anniversary.  They were AMAZING.  They put on an incredible show, really engaging the crowd and playing for a long time, including a lot of their hits and even some obscure stuff.  We had a blast.  But let me run down a proper review for you.

Upon coming out, they had a cool “Viva La Vida” set up, where they were hidden by screens a bit, and we could see their shadows.  They entered to “Life in Technicolor” and followed that with a rousing rendition of Violet Hill.  My first “complaint” was that Chris Martin didn’t play the piano part at the end, opting instead for acoustic guitar.  I LOVE that beautiful piano part, so I was a little bummed. 

Early songs included “In My Place”, “Yellow” (with tons of huge yellow balloons), “Clocks”, and “Fix You”, which is the greatest Coldplay song, and for me was the high point of the entire concert.  I LOVED IT.  Then they had a brief interlude, where they moved to a small stage in the middle of the pavilion.  It was pretty cool, they did techno versions of “God Put a Smile On Your Face” and “Talk”, and Martin did a couple of solo piano numbers.  Once they got back to the stage, they rocked “Politik” and “Viva La Vida”, which was AWESOME.  Their second interlude was the best for us.  I had heard rumors of a “lawn stage” that they walk to near the end of the show and play to the people in the back.  We had gotten to the concert early, and stood in line, so as to get good seats.  I found what I thought to be the lawn stage, and got pretty stinking close.  Probably about 20 feet away.  Actually, our seats were excellent for the entire show.  Anyway, they did end up coming out to the lawn stage for three unplugged songs, including “Green Eyes” (a personal favorite) and “I’m a Believer” (Monkees cover).  They also let the drummer sing a tune, and did a cellphone wave, which was very cool as well.  The crowd swarmed to the lawn stage, but we held our ground, and it was freaking incredible being that close.  What I really appreciated was that the band seemed to be laughing and having a great time, along with all of us.  They seemed totally into doing that for us, and we appreciated it.

Once they returned to the stage, they did a few more, incluing “Lost!”, and ended with “Death and All His Friends”.  For the encore, they played “The Scientist”, which is probably my 2nd favorite Coldplay song, for sentimental reasons, as well as how it builds and releases tension.  The concert ended with “Life in Technicolor ii”, a great finisher.

Overall, they really rocked the joint.  From the first second to the last, they put on a fabulous show.  It wasn’t perfect, as I would have liked to hear some more from Parachutes, and some of my favorites like “A Message” and “Swallowed in the Sea”, but I highly recommend if you can get there, check it out.


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