Harry Potter 6

*Spoiler Alert*  If you don’t want to know what happens in this book/movie, STOP READING!

Sat down and watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night.  It’s very difficult to say which of the books is my favorite, because I love them all.  This was excellently written, and of course extremely sad.  When I finished it (approximately 3 days after it was released), there was no hope in sight.  Surely without Dumbledore, Rowling can’t have a real plan!  What the heck is going on?  Looking back at it, she really played her cards brilliantly, and finished the series well.  But enough about that, back to the movie.

It was extremely well done, and perhaps my favorite to date, outside the first, if you aren’t comparing it to the book (which you really can’t).  They really start to delve into more mature themes of love and loss.  I thought the pacing was good, the script was fine, and the music was really excellent.  My biggest beef was twofold.  First, I was very disappointed with how they handled the Harry/Ginny relationship.  The filmmakers stole their post-quidditch moment and gave it to Ron/Lavender, so they had to invent another.  They failed to adequately show the real feelings Harry was developing for her (which is difficult but not impossible), and I thought it was a major misfire.  Second, there was not nearly enough Voldemort flashback.  It is absolutely integral to the story, and he just didn’t get enough information from Dumbledore.  They wasted a ton of time on burning down the Burrow unnecessarily (NOT IN THE BOOK!), which seemed immensely out of place, and that time could have been used much more effectively.  Now, perhaps they will use the beginning of the next film to “fill Harry in”, which is why they are splitting it into 2 parts.  Anyway, I thought those were opportunities to make a much deeper film, and not just another Harry Potter movie, and they were not used.  Bummer.  That said, I absolutely loved the Dumbledore death scene.  I don’t know who wrote that section of the score, but it was absolutely gorgeous.  Overall, of course we enjoyed it, and we will be looking greatly forward to November of next year!


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