This past Saturday, Lacey and I had planned on dropping the boys off with my parents and getting some much-needed alone time.  We had been looking forward to it for weeks, and it was glorious.  We were able to finish almost all of our Christmas shopping (which has become quite a task with the size of our families ever-increasing), have a very nice dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, do some additional window-shopping, and finish the day/night off with the movie 2012 at my favorite theater.

We really were unsure of what to see, and hadn’t come to an agreement by the time we got to the theater.  I really wanted to see Invictus, she wanted to see Everybody’s Fine and there were arguments for and against each.  But the timing ended up working out so that 2012 was thrown into the mix.  The reviews of this movie aren’t very good, but I had heard excellent things about the special f/x and was intrigued to see it on the big screen.  For the most part it was your garden variety, fairly cheesy, very overdone, typical end-of-the-world flick, which I pretty much knew going in.  But I have to say, the biggest disappointment was that the special f/x didn’t seem particularly groundbreaking.  Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the movie, and there were some AWESOME scenes, particularly on the big screen.  But it certainly wasn’t the “high-water mark” I had been hearing about.  I can think of a handful of movies that fit that description – T2, Jurassic Park, and Transformers being the leading candidates.  I don’t think this fit the bill.  Maybe Avatar will fill the void…


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