Mel Gibson

One of my favorite actors (and directors for that matter, though he has done very little) has always been Mel Gibson.  From the Mad Max/Lethal Weapon early days, through the Braveheart years, and down into more recent films such as The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto, I have always admired his skill in everything he’s done.  It really saddened me to see his tortured downfall as a human being, and his subsequent drop off the face of the earth.  But now it looks like he’s back.  I’m a little torn now – we’ve all seen the mug shot, heard the news of his slanders and philandering.  I know, however, that I’ll see his movies.  In January, he’ll return to the screen in The Edge of Darkness (a cop thriller), and it looks like there are about three other movies he will be starring in within the next year or two.  And this after about an eight year hiatus.  But what I’m most intrigued about is his next directorial project, wherein he will be directing Leonardo DiCaprio, in a movie about the Vikings.  Whoa.  It’s supposed to be an Apocalypto-like flick that doesn’t romanticize things and tells it straight.  Should be incredible, and I’m looking forward to it immensely, as anything with Leo promises to be potentially great.  Thoughts?


One Response to “Mel Gibson”

  1. timmyjimi Says:

    Hey, if it’s about the Vikings, I’ll go see it.

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