In 2001, I remember very vividly gathering at my apartment every Thursday in Moscow, Idaho, to watch Season 2 of Survivor.  I didn’t really know much about it from Season 1, and I’m not sure who turned me onto it, but I think that Jill, Christin, and I started watching it, and eventually several others started attending for the season set in Austrailia.  It really was intriguing.  This was the beginning of the reality show boom, and it was still pretty new at this time.  Oh, and it also starred Colby, for my money still the greatest Survivor ever, and whom my female friends had a major crush on.  It was excellent TV, and incredibly fun to watch, and really started my love of Survivor.  Now, upon moving home, and the events that followed, I did miss a couple of seasons.  But starting with Survivor:  Pearl Islands, when Rupert was a fan favorite, and especially through the next season, Survivor:  All-Stars, which premiered right after the Super Bowl in 2004 (which we watched at Alex’s house with the Monroe crowd), Lacey and I have made sure not to miss a season ever since.  Since then, it has become a worldwide phenomenon, and is now on it’s TWENTIETH season!

I have to admit, my attention had started to wane recently.  The seasons have begun to bleed into each other, and there have been a lack of real personalities lately.  However, last season, this all changed with the entrance of bad-boy strategist Russell.  He was absolutely amazing, and dominated the game beginning to end (though he didn’t win).  We were transfixed all season, and it renewed our interest.  And then, on the season finale, they announced season 20 – Heroes vs. Villains, a second all-stars with cast members from the past 20 seasons!  We are incredibly pumped for what should be great television.  If you have ever watched and enjoyed Survivor, you really should tune in.  There are classic fan favorites coming back like Colby, Rupert, Tom the fireman and James, as well as great villains like Russell, Boston Rob and Parvati.  There are a couple of casting choices that I took issue with (Candice, Danielle, Courtney, Coach), but for the most part, it is an Awesome cast.  Lacey and I are super pumped, and are really looking forward to February (not to mention if you include the return of Chuck, Lost and 24).  Buckle your seatbelts!


2 Responses to “Survivor”

  1. Matt Says:

    Have to agree. What a season lineup! Survivor, 24, Lost (final season) It’s really shaping up to be a great year!

    But who has the best chance of winning it all in Survivor?! I’m going to be pondering that question real hard these week as well as questions such as: Where’s Johnny Fairplay this season? And a whole list of past Survivor’s that didn’t get the invite?!

    Oh well… I’m stoked either way!

  2. jmmelton Says:

    You forgot about Chuck, and I do NOT forgive you for that.

    Who has the best chance? It’s almost impossible to predict, this early in the season. I mean, I would have said Colby in the last All-stars, and I think that would have been a good pick if Lex hadn’t double-crossed him, to his own stupid detriment. This time, I’m at a loss. Tom can’t hope to dominate again with all these studs (especially since he has already won); Colby is still a force to be reckoned with; if there are swimming challenges then Rupert is the man, and don’t count out nice guys like James and J.T. Plus, Cirie might be the smartest player out there, and still might not be considered a threat! As for the villains, I think Rob will go early (for obvious reasons), Courtney, Randy, Coach and Tyson won’t survive, and I don’t like them being cast anyway. Parvati might strike up a Steph, Amanda, Sugar, etc. women’s alliance, but I gotta say – watch out for Russell! That dude I’m sure has some tricks up his sleeve, and All-Stars caters to people who play HARD. If I had to pick someone right now, my money would be on Russell, but watch out for Cirie, and Steph as potential coat-tail strategists.

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