I’ve never put much stock into Nielsen ratings, which “measures” how many people are watching specific TV shows, and ranks networks based on total viewers, and the all-important 18-49 age demographic.  I think the numbers are skewed to New York and Los Angeles, and don’t really represent what mainstream America is watching.  But last season, it became a lot more important when Chuck was flirting with being cancelled, so I really started to pay attention, because it looked like NBC was basing a lot of its decision to cancel/renew on the lack/number of viewers.

Well, I am ECSTATIC to report that Chuck is going strong (at least compared to how many viewers it has pulled in the past, and what other NBC shows are doing).  The numbers are up almost 20% over the average from last year, and Chuck is pulling in around 7.5 million viewers.  This pales in comparison to Monday night favorites like Two and A Half Men (which I have never so much as cracked a smile at) and House (which I hate as well), and it doesn’t take into account DVR stats, which are an ever-increasing factor.  However, you have to put these numbers into perspective, and last night in particular was a great night.  The competition was stiff (House, The Bachelor, How I Met Your Mother), the numbers barely dipped from Sunday night’s premiere, and Chuck absolutely CRUSHED Heroes, which had its lowest ratings EVER!  This, coupled with the Jay Leno show being removed from prime time, makes Chuck season 4 an excellent possibility.  We just have to keep watching and supporting Chuck as much as possible.  So if you aren’t watching Chuck, what the heck are you waiting for!!??


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