District 9

I remember seeing the preview for this movie and thinking that it looked extremely interesting.  Damien and I almost went to see it one weekend while we were visiting in Fort Wayne, but we decided not to at the last second…I sure wish we had seen it on the big screen.

Interesting is a good word for this flick.  For the first 20 minutes or so, I was thinking, “What the Hell?”  It is intriguing, but really strange.  I wasn’t sure what the filmmakers were aiming at, and I wasn’t really sure what was going on.  But as the movie unfolds, it becomes very apparent that this is not your normal sci-fi movie.  I normally don’t care for alien/true sci-fi movies.  I don’t hate them, but Lacey doesn’t like them at all, so I just don’t end up seeing them most times.  Of course, I love the Terminator/Star Wars movies of the world, but I don’t consider those true sci-fi.  This really was, and it was Excellent.

The movie is set in South Africa, which is fantastic, and makes for a very thought-provoking premise.  The way the movie progresses, creates tension, and then literally blows up in your face, is Amazing.  The violence is a little disturbing, but done extremely well.  The action sequences are extremely fun and entertaining.  And some of the scenes are truly shocking.  I can definitely understand why the film would turn some people off, but I thought it was incredible.  The way they integrate (or should I say, segregate?) the aliens in with the humans, and where they went go with the plot, was fresh, invigorating, fun, and amazing.  I thought it was a very new take on the genre and was great in almost every aspect of the filmmaking.  District 9 cements itself at #9 on my top movies of 2009, and kicks State of Play to the curb.


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