Late Night

Almost everyone is weighing in with their opinion on the whole Late-Night TV debacle.  I’m not really qualified to say anything, because I’m in bed WAY before any of those shows start.  I can say that I”ve never had any desire to watch Leno at 10, though, and apparently a lot of people agree with me, since no one watching is what started this mess in the first place.  That’s actually not a bad thing for Chuck fans, since when Leno vacates the 10PM timeslot, it leaves a lot more room for scripted shows, and adds probability that Chuck will be renewed.

Anyway, what I want to take issue with are these backhanded compliments Conan has been getting recently.  I keep hearing some version of this:  “Conan has never been funnier!”  Really?  Are you sure about that?  See, the problem I have with these stupid statements, is they are coming from people who have never watched Conan anyway!  The thing is, he has ALWAYS been this funny, you just weren’t paying attention.  At one point, I was DVR’ing Conan every night, and watching it the following day, but that was when I had more time (before kids).  His ratings have spiked recently, because everyone is intrigued by the whole NBC mess, and so NOW people are realizing how funny Conan really is.  But it’s always been that way.  So do me a favor and quit spouting off about how Conan has never been funnier.  Yes, he has.  It’s just that now you are finally watching him.  For my money, Conan has always been the funniest guy on late night.  Hopefully soon, he will start getting the viewers and attention that deserves.  Oh, and it helps that he doesn’t sleep with every female member of his staff…I hope.


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