Big Mac

The big news in baseball this week was Mark McGuire’s admission that he used steroids for years, including the year he “broke” Roger Maris’ home run record.  Now, this isn’t exactly stunning, as it was rumored to be true for a long time, including when Big Mac was still playing.  The fact that he was evasive during questioning by Congress, and disappeared like a hermit after retiring, only shrouded him more with guilt.  I have known in my heart that he used steroids for some time, but I always wanted to believe it was just creatine or some kind of supplement.  And it’s not as if he used something illegal to baseball.  Never the less, his “record” remains tainted forever.  And it makes me quite sad.  I remember exactly where I was when he “broke” the record, and I followed he and Sammy Sosa’s chase all summer.  It was beautiful to watch, and really brought baseball back into America’s mainstream.  To hear this confirmed now breaks my St. Louis Cardinals heart and heaps shame on his head.  Having said that, I did hear a great joke about it on the radio today.  And hey, don’t judge, I just want to lighten the mood a little bit:

So Mark McGuire admitted he used steroids this week.  He sat down for an interview with Bob Costas and said that he regrets that he played during the “steroid era” and he wishes there had been drug testing.  He says that if they had tested for steroids, this scandal might never had happened.  Gimme a break.  That’s like OJ saying that he wishes he had been born before they invented knives.



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