The Hurt Locker

I was able to view The Hurt Locker on Thursday, since we had another snow day from school, and boy oh boy, what a film.  From the opening scene, it grabs you and doesn’t let go.  Incredibly intense, it’s a war movie with a soul, and shows more realistically what Iraq might be like for these guys.  I was struck by the fact that anywhere, at any time, could anyone they see be strapped to a bomb and kill them instantly.  What a feeling that has to be, that you could die at any moment.  Just walking down the street, there are bombs laying in the dirt that could go off at any second.  And what added to the tension was the human element – to some guys it’s a countdown until they leave, to others, war really is a drug.  Several scenes had me gasping for air, literally shouting at the TV.  There were three or four punches to the gut, and I was amazed at how into these characters I got, with not very much dialogue at all.  It was well-acted, and very well-edited.  The score was understated, which fit the movie perfectly.  The only real word-heavy scenes were at the end, and completely earned.  Evangeline Lilly, from Lost, made an interesting cameo at the end, and had about two lines.  I’d like to see her in more, she seems like she could have range.  But I digress.  The Hurt Locker roars onto my top ten from 2009, coming in at #5.  With a bullet.  I Love You, Man – funny, but not good enough any more.


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