What A Week!

I can’t see a week topping this one for the rest of the year.  Seriously, there is so much coolness packed into this week, it almost boggles my mind.  Check out my schedule for after work the rest of the week:

Each day, arrive home by 3:30.  From 4 – 7, play with the boys, read, eat dinner.  7 – 7:30, Family Worship.  7:30 – 8, get the kids ready for bed, tuck them in, etc.  Then:


8 – 9 – New Chuck!

9 – 10 – Watch 24


8 – 9 – Get caught up on what I forgot about Lost

9 – 11 – The Final Season of Lost premieres!!!!!!


8 – ?? – Who cares.  Watch a movie?  I’ve got Public Enemies at home, maybe that one.


8 – 9 – ??

9 – 9:30 – Watch a new episode of The Office

9:30 – 10 – 30 Rock is new


8 – ?? – Who cares.  Maybe watch a movie?  Should have a couple in from Netflix.  We’ll see.


No time schedule here, really.  Vicki and her mother are visiting, so we will be doing various things with them.  A little Wii, some cards maybe.  I’ll probably watch some basketball on top of that.


10 – 1 – Church

1 – 4 – Relax, take a nap (if I can stay calm)

4:30 – People start arriving for the Super Bowl Party!!

5 – Start watching pregame and getting jacked up

6:30 – KICKOFF!!!!! 

10:30 – Start winding the party for the Colts as Super Bowl Champs down.  It will be tough though for our 2nd Championship!!!

I suppose it could be better if I had the week off of work.  But when does that ever happen, and what is going on then?  I really don’t think it could compare.  I’m still a little bit in shock that the premiere of Lost and my Colts being in the Super Bowl happened in the same week.  Someone pinch me.  GO COLTS!


4 Responses to “What A Week!”

  1. jmmelton Says:

    let me burst your bubble a little more and remind you that after the Super Bowl, Survivor Heroes vs. Villains premiers…..right?

  2. jmmelton Says:

    whoops! that was me your wife who posted that.

  3. James Pate Says:

    What? No Smallville on Friday nights?

    Actually, I get pretty bored with it too, but I somewhat liked the movie about the Justice Society.

  4. jmmelton Says:

    James: I had totally forgotten about Smallville until Friday came! I am definitely watching it, and I’ve enjoyed the Lois/Clark relationship stuff. Absolute Justice had it’s moments, but it was pretty clunky in parts, too. Anyway, I’m still watching, and enjoying the show.

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