I was thinking about the Super Bowl the other day (surprise, surprise), and something struck me. I truly believe that the Colts will be the best team on the field on Sunday. They have better players at nearly every position. They have the experience. They have won consistenly for a decade. They know what it takes, and their starters literally haven’t lost a regular season game in almost 2 years (not that this is a regular season game). But that’s not what bothers me. The problem is, the Saints don’t have to be the most talented team. They just have to be the better team for that ONE game! There is so much that could go wrong – fumbles, interceptions, lucky breaks and bounces, you name it. Just ask the 2007 Giants. No one in their right mind picked them to win that game, they were absolutely NOT the better team…and yet they still beat the mighty Patriots. Because for one day, they played better. It’s kind of why I prefer the NBA playoffs – no one game has make-or-break circumstances surrounding it, until you get to the final one, and even then, you had 6 others to prove yourself. Now, that is not feasible in football, and it would certainly take away the drama in the Super Bowl, but it certainly scares me. That being said (chuckle), with Peyton Manning at the helm, I am still extremely confident. This bunch doesn’t beat themselves, doesn’t make critical mistakes. And ultimately, that will play itself out on Sunday, as will a higher talent level. Given 100 games, I think the Colts would come out on top in over 90. Sunday will be one of those 90. Go Colts!!!


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