Why I Hate American Idol

Obviously, American Idol has become a worldwide phenomenon.  I just read a statistic that in the past six seasons, AI has NEVER lost a half hour segment to any other show.  NEVER.  That is absolutely astounding.  It is a ratings juggernaut, and although it has slipped a little from it’s “glory days” 5 or 6 years ago, AI remains nearly as strong as ever.  I remember vividly watching season 2 (Clay vs. Reuben) and thinking that those guys had real talent.  I was talking on the phone with Lacey at the time, and through that entire season, often we would talk back and forth during the show.  In fact, there was a time when I considered myself a fan of American Idol.  I always enjoyed the first few weeks, laughing at the idiots who thought they could sing, and marvelling at many of the voices of talented people who crossed paths with the show.  In particular, I have fond memories of season four, when Carrie Underwood won.  That season had genuinely talented people (not the least of which was Underwood herself) such as Anwar Robinson, etc.  And even the season after that, with Daughtry, I remained somewhat interested in the show.  However, I could feel my dislike growing.  More and more, the judges recycled the same comments from year to year.  More and more it became a popularity contest.  But what really started to hit me was that the show was basically only medium-talented people doing average karaoke, with a lot of glitz, glamour, and talented back-up singers.  And that continues to be the case.

Seasons 6 and 7, I did not watch.  Lacey remained a fan, but I would always have her DVR it, so I didn’t have to get frustrated with people butchering songs I know and love.  And literally every time I would walk in the room, I would get more and more irritated.  It got to the point that whenever Lacey would have the show on in the house, I would be in a bad mood.  I grew to hate the show.  Then this season came on, and they brought Ellen to the fold.  How that woman came to be on the judging panel is absolutely beyond me.  She has no musical background.  She has no idea how to judge singing talent.  She is an abhorrent human being.  I have gone from hating the show to loathing it’s entire existence.  The whole idea of it, now, rubs me the wrong way.  It is not a “good show”.  They do not have geniunely talented people.  And as I look back on it, I really think it has dumbed down it’s talent pool so much that the average viewer doesn’t even realize that what they are watching is terrible.  These people will be on your TV sets for a couple of months, and then they will disappear forever.  When was the last time a singer was on the show that lasted longer than the next season’s finale?  Even Jordin Sparks is relegated to doing only national anthems at various sporting events, because her dad was a player in the NFL.  Beside the fact that the show has run out of real talent, now it basically gets ratings by populating culture with gimmicks.  I mean, don’t get me started on the whole “pants on the ground” thing.  Sheesh.

What’s more, the ratings from last night are in.  American Idol beat the Olympics.  The freaking Olympics!  That means that 22 million people (4-5 million more than tuned in to NBC) would rather watch people with arguably very little talent sing songs that were written by someone else, than watch their countrymen compete for international glory.  Now, I’ll admit that I watched Lost last night, since it is the best show on TV, but those numbers absolutely astound me.  Just another reason that I hate AI.  So, I apologize if this turned into a rant.  If you watch American Idol, I don’t hate you.  We just can’t hang out if the show is on.  Sorry.


2 Responses to “Why I Hate American Idol”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    In light of your hatred of AI I thought this article might interest you.

    Shady business.

  2. Daniel G Says:

    Well. This is an old one, but I’ll post my opinion anyway.

    I couldn’t agree more. But in my case it has always been a dislike for the show.

    Now I’m talking primarily about the Idol in my country. Norway.
    But it could very well apply to American Idol or any other Idol versions too as the principles are the same. Yeah, run a show on national TV. Make them come to you for you to exploit with a cheap record deal where they get a microscopic royalty and exploit all the hundreds of thousands or millions of viewers aswell by charging them well for their votes. And then there is all the sponsors. The money keeps running in.

    Beyond all the glitter, the glam, the hype and the fanbase there is nothing more than a big steaming pile of greed. They don’t give a damn about whoever wins the show and has to make a pre-written album. If you can sing with a voice that could make the listeners hair rise and give them tears in their eyes… I’m sorry. The main line is that you have to look good and be a “performer”. You have to make a product that they can sell and take most of the financial credit for.

    Idol is to music as McDonalds is to food.

    I have grown from a slight dislike to a pure hate.
    I can’t stand the show. And when my girlfriend watches it I have to put on my headphones and listen to music or watching something on my laptop.

    It’s all fake. It’s not about music. It’s about money.

    Hey, here’s a better metaphor.
    Idol is to music as KFC is to chicken!

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