Thoughts On Survivor

The new season of Survivor – Heroes vs. Villains (essentially, All-Stars 2) is about a month in. So far, I haven’t been as impressed with the cast as I remember being in the first All-Stars. But there are a few things that stand out. Here goes:

1a.I am extremely disappointed in the Heroes. With that team, they should absolutely roll every competition. It’s an unparalleled tribe in the history of Survivor. And yet, they have lost 3 out of 4 immunity challenges. They can’t get it together as one team, or in the social game. They are getting completely dominated, with very few exceptions, by the athletically inferior villains. And it’s pitiful.

1b.Lacey said going into this season that she thought a Villain would win. Now in it’s 20th season, Survivor has evolved, and it’s the dirty, blind-side type players that succeed, for the most part. And the Villains are much more successful at playing that type of game than the Heroes, for obvious reasons. It is especially true in All-Stars, when they all know the game so well. Now, I disagreed with my wife. The reason being, I thought the Heroes would dominate the immunity challenges, and go into the merge with a huge lead. I figured this was a lock…I was wrong. The only way a Hero had a chance to win the game was if they had a lead going into the merge. If they were even, or down a person (or more) to the Villains, they were toast. And it looks more and more like that’s going to happen.

3.I’m also very disappointed in Colby. I’ve always been partial to him, since he completely dominated season 2. I’ve always called him the best player in Survivor history, the way he played a great social game, and dominated all the challenges like no one else. But in the original All-Stars he went out early, and he is on the verge of doing it again. He has been dominated physically and mentally. He hasn’t carried his far-superior team. His social game has been non-existent. And he formed bad alliances. I’d like to pass this off as him being 10 years older. But let’s face it, Tom the fireman won (and dominated the game) when he was far older than Colby is now. That’s no excuse. I think the truth lies in Colby’s own words from a couple weeks ago – “this just isn’t my game any more…and maybe I don’t have the heart for it.” Ten years ago, when he played, it was still new. People didn’t blindside as much. There was less alliance/gameplay. You could stay true to your word the whole way and win. Now, the game has changed. And Colby has been unwilling, or unable, to adapt. Bummer.

4.Boston Rob is an absolute beast, and much as it pains me to admit it, is the greatest reality show player in TV history. I couldn’t stand BR in either his season or All-Stars. He lied, manipulated, and just plain pissed me off. But the facts are the facts. His puppet/girlfriend/wife won All-Stars with him pulling the strings. He killed it in the Amazing Race. And he is absolutely dominating this season of All-Stars. AGAIN. Not only is his social game tearing it up (gets the shelter built, everyone respects him, no one even mentions voting him out, though that is their smartest move), but he is completely dominating physical challenges as well! I never gave him enough credit here, he is absolultely an incredible all-around player and though I still dislike him, I can’t help but respect him.

5.Much has been said (mostly by the man himself) about Russell being the best Survivor ever. But he is on the verge of going home early. You don’t cross Boston Rob, play that hard that early in All-Stars, and cross everyone by going after the hidden immunity idol, and not pay for it. But I’ve learned that you can NEVER count Russell out. And if he miraculously pulls another escape out, and makes it deep into the game, he will have to start getting some mentions for being one of the greats in the game.

6.Though I think Rob is the frontrunner, my two sleeper picks are two former winners, ironically. J.T. and Parvati. Both have great smiles, people love them, and they are rarely mentioned when discussing who should be voted out. I hate Parvati worse than anyone besides Coach, but there is something that woos the rest of the players. Who knows what it is. Anyway, those are my two to watch out for.

7.On the Heroes tribe, aside from Colby, my 2 biggest disappointments have been Rupert and James. Rupert is from Indianapolis, and I have ALWAYS loved him. He does an enormous amount of charity work, he tries to keep his word, he’s a hard player, a great fisherman, and just lovable all the way around. But he picked the WRONG people to align with. If you want to be known as someone who keeps their word, why on earth would you make an alliance with such a dirty player – Cirie – and her whole group? Why not go the honorable route with Colby and Tom? It just makes no sense. James, on the other hand, has completely changed. He is loud, obnoxious, dumb, and a liar. Gone is the gentle, lovable giant. Now, he says that all he wants to do is win, yet he yells and curses out his teammates, and votes to get Colby out, probably the strongest player on the tribe. It’s ridiculous and it’s worn thin.

Well, that’s about it. I’m enjoying this season quite a bit, and I hope you are too!


One Response to “Thoughts On Survivor”

  1. Matt Says:

    A lot of this we spoke about yesterday in our phone conversation, but I would like to point out physically, the Heroes have won… but when it comes to the mental part of the challenges they blow it. So they’re not the weaker team in body, just in mind.

    The MOST dangerous players are Parvati, Amanda and (my pick) Sandra. Parvati is the most conniving, no one flies under the radar better than Amanda (hello, 2 times made it to the finals) and I think Sandra is getting underestimated by everyone in America much less on that island.

    But we shall see my friend…. we shall see….

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