Final Oscar Thoughts

The Oscar buzz is finally dying down, and I did pretty well on my picks. Ten out of fifteen, and I should really have done better, since most of the categories were very predictable this year. I rushed through them a bit – should have seen Precious coming with the Screenplay award. Also, I didn’t give enough credit to the Oscar voters – I thought they’d cave in to the Avatar money machine. Instead, they gave credit where credit was due, and honored The Hurt Locker…though it was easier because a woman made the film, so they had that to fall back on, if you catch my drift. But regardless, it was a superb film, and deserved all the accolades it got.

I’m super pumped The Dude won Best Actor, and we’re throwing him a Big Lebowski party next weekend. As far as Sandra Bullock goes, I haven’t seen The Blindside, but much as I like her, I’m sure she doesn’t deserve an Oscar. For crying out loud, she got a Razzie on the previous night for her role in All About Steve. I mean, she’s funny and everything, but do you mean to tell me she out-acted Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep? Any other year, she doesn’t walk away with the statue. The supporting actor/actress awards went exactly as I suspected. Chistof Waltz was extremely deserving, Mo’nique much less so.

I was also disappointed that Up In The Air got shut out. It was the second best movie of the year, and should have won something.

All in all, though, a decent telecast. I laughed a good bit with Martin and Baldwin, although I wasn’t all that impressed with the star power present this time…thought it a bit lacking. Ah well. I’m sure I’ll watch again next year.


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