My Cards

Growing up, my favorite sport for a long time was baseball. I have probably 15,000 baseball cards, I played ball from about age 5 to 10, and to pass the time, my best friend J.K. and I played literally countless hours of whiffle ball, imagining we were the great players of the past (and present). And for about 8 years, the Detroit Tigers were my team. I lived very close to Tigers stadium, I saw the 1984 World Series team play, and got a baseball signed by all of them. When we moved to Indiana, however, I started to shift my allegiance. My Dad and Grandpa had always been St. Louis Cardinals fans, and soon I followed suit. I still remember getting ripped off in Game 6 of the 1987 World Series like it was yesterday. The Wizard of Oz (Ozzie Smith) was my favorite player for a LONG time, and while my love of baseball has cooled (mostly due to the strike, and my subsequent love of football), I still have a special place in my heart for the Cardinals.

In recent years, I have started following baseball more and more once again. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I’m in a fantasy baseball league, but it’s also because the Cardinals have had easily a decade of sustained excellence. The biggest reason behind that has one name: Albert Pujols. This is his 10th season, and he is starting to make a case for a status of the greatest baseball player of all time. His statistics are staggering – so staggering in fact that I can’t name any of them for fear of making this article too long. Albert Pujols is far and away my favorite player, and not just because he is so good. He is a strong Christian, an unbelievably hard worker, and he just seems like a geniunely nice guy. Any organization would be thrilled to have him.

As we get close to the start of the new season, my love of the Cardinals is beginning to be revived. One again, we have an excellent team that should compete for the World Series. But if you ask anyone that knows, they will tell you that St. Louis is one of the best organizations in baseball, if not “the” best. It seems to be a very family-like atmosphere around the clubhouse. We have great fans who are extremely knowledgeable. The stadium is in it’s 3rd season, and is absolutely beautiful. I had the opportunity to go to a game with my Dad last year, and it was awesome – we are going back this year. I love the city, I love our coaching staff, I love our players, and I love the Cardinals.


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