Movie “Reviews”

I was able to watch three movies in the past few days, which for me recently is pretty good. I can’t technically call these reviews, since they are really just short blurbs, but here are my brief thoughts on each.

1.Where The Wild Things Are – I actually watched this with Noah. He wasn’t all that interested, but any time there was singing, dancing, or music, he was in heaven. Overall, I was just a touch disappointed. I had high hopes from Spike Jonze, and I thought the film meandered a bit, particularly in the midsection. The beginning was very good, and the end was excellent, and I thought they drew some nice comparisons to his real life (which is hard to do in a dream world sequence with monsters). But the middle was kind of boring, to be honest. With about 20 minutes left, I was solidly in the “this is not very good” camp, but they ended it well and saved the movie. Thinking back about it, I remember it fondly, but I’m not sure how memorable or even enjoyable it was at the time. Kind of a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

2.Avatar – I had already seen this, and reviewed it on here. But this was a totally different experience – no 3D to impress me and distract me from any lack of plot, etc. I had to take it on its own merits this time, without the Wow factor. And I gotta say, it held up pretty well. I think it helped that I was watching the blu-ray version on a big screen with good sound. But the special f/x are amazing no matter how you watch it. The skill involved in making this movie is undeniable. I enjoyed it for what it is worth. I’m not sold on the plot/”message” or what goes on in the film. I definitely don’t think it’s a perfect movie. But it is excellent entertainment, and I’d see it again, and pretty much anything else that Cameron does.

3.The Young Victoria – this was the best of the bunch. Emily Blunt was excellent, the costumes and sets were amazing, and I loved the soundtrack/music. It reminded me that I don’t listen to enough Classical. The story/dialogue was fine – interesting enough. It wasn’t a spectacular film or anything, but quite good and intriguing for someone who didn’t know a lot about the “Victorian Era”. The only problem that this movie suffers from is lack of tension. For the most part, Victoria didn’t have many really “major” obstacles to face – she was brought up royalty, had a little bit of pressure to set up a regency, was taken care of a little too well, faced a couple of assassination threats, but mostly lived a life of, well, royalty. She married the man she loved, had nine kids, and reigned longer than any other monarch in history. Not bad. Anyway, I quite liked the film, and it spurred me on to read some history about her. Good little movie.


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